About Us is a MOE-registered leading Economics tuition centre in Singapore that provides Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics tuition. With numerous years of teaching experience behind him, Mr Anthony Fok,’s principal tutor, has been acclaimed by the Sunday Times newspapers as one of Singapore’s 5 most sought-after tutors.
He holds Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), a Bachelor of Economics and Masters of Education from Monash University, Australia. He was also a former Ministry of Education (MOE) school teacher and is now currently pursuing his PhD.


Mr Anthony Fok

is also the author of several Economics books including the GCE ‘A’ Level Economics H1 and H2 Ten-Year-Series, published under license from University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate and is also the author of several GCE ‘A’ Level Economics Guidebooks such as “GCE ‘A’ Level Economics: Understanding the Singapore Economy” and “A-Level Economics: Learning Via Diagrams” sold in Singapore and overseas. Many of Mr Anthony Fok’s students have testified to his teaching abilities, with many reporting drastically improved grades, all thanks to his innovative tuition classes. Each tuition session is carefully designed to execute specific learning objectives focusing on case study and essay-writing skills development, while nurturing in students a genuine interest and appreciation for the subject.

A Level H1 / H2 Economics Tuition

Economics Intensive Revision Programme

Economics Case Study Workshop

The GCE 'A' Level Economics syllabus aims

for students to learn how to explain and evaluate real world problems and suggest policies to solve such problems. It pays special attention to the Singapore economy. Most schools cover Microeconomic topics such as demand, supply and elasticity, market failure, cost of production and market structure in JC 1. In JC 2, students will learn Macroeconomics topics such as inflation, unemployment, balance of payment, economic growth and international trade.

H1 Economics is largely similar to H2 Economics in terms of the overall focus as well as the academic skills tested, with the degree of academic rigour similar. However, the content topics covered in H2 syllabus is more than that of H1 syllabus.

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Media Centre

“As he is well known for his ability to deliver results, parents try all means to put their children in his class.”
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  • Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU).
  • Bachelor of Economics from Murdoch University, Australia.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from National Institute of Education (NIE).
  • Masters of Education from Monash University.
  • Currently pursuing Doctor of Education (EdD).
  • Author of numerous GCE ‘A’ Level Economics Guidebooks.
  • Author of H1 and H2 Economics Ten Year Series.
  • Member of the Economic Society of Singapore (ESS).
  • Member of the American Economic Association and the Economic Society of Australia.
  • Member of the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE).
  • Member of Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS).
  • Former Ministry of Education (MOE) teacher.
  • Featured on The Sunday Times newspapers as one of the five most sought-after Super Tutors in Singapore.
  • Featured on The Friday Weekly local Chinese newspapers as an inspirational and dedicated school teacher.
  • Featured on The Sunday Times newspapers as an “Economics tutor who puts theory into practice”.
  • Featured on CNBC TV “a well-known face of Singapore’s booming private tuition industry and a part of an elite group of super tutors” in Singapore.
  • Featured on ‘The Straits Times’ newspapers as a “super tutor who earn at least $1m a year”.
  • Featured on MediaCorp Channel 5 TV programme ‘Made in Singapore’ as “an educator with extraordinary qualities”.
  • Guest speaker on ‘MediaCorp Channel 5’ TV Programme “The 5 Show” about tuition and enrichment classes in Singapore.
  • Featured on ‘TODAY’ newspapers for views on “staying ahead of the academic race”.
  • Featured on ‘MyPaper‘ and ‘The Straits Times‘ newspapers for his views on the GCE ‘A’ level Economics ten-year-series.
  • Featured on ‘Lianhe Wanbao‘ newspapers as a ‘one-man show’ Economics tutor who “wins students by word-of-mouth recommendation”.
  • Featured on ‘Singapore Business Review‘ magazine as a “top tutor who brings economics theories to life”.
  • Featured on ‘Today’s Parents‘ magazine for “educating the new generation using unique teaching methodology”.
  • Guest speaker on ‘Official 938LIVE’ radio segment ‘Dollars and Sense’ — “Star Economics tutor Anthony Fok helping students make sense of dollars!”
  • Guest speaker on “Official 938LIVE” radio segment ‘On the Job’ – “Super tutor Anthony Fok sharing his experience as a full-time Economics tutor”.
  • Fellow of The College of Teachers, Institute of Education, London, for individuals who have made a significant contribution to educational literature or to educational management at a senior level.

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the Economic Society of Singapore.
  • Member of the American Economic Association and Economic Society of Australia.
  • Member of Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (Singapore).
  • Member of Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE).
  • Member of Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS).
  • Fellow of The College of Teachers, Institute of Education, London, for individuals who have made a significant contribution to educational literature or to educational management at a senior level.


  • “I came to Mr Fok in a very dire state, 2 months to A levels, having scored an S for economics for my preliminary examinations. Mr Fok took me in even though his class was already very packed, with no guarantee that his effort would be able to turn my grades around. But through his guidance, I felt myself improving with each lesson. Most importantly, Mr Fok believed that I could do well, and that in turn made me believe in my own ability. In the end, I am proud to say that with Mr Fok’s help, I have successfully achieved an A for economics at the A level examinations and an overall of AAB/AA. Last but not least, Mr Fok always stressed the importance of not only being a good student but also a good person, very often including stories in his lessons which had a valuable life lesson for all his students. So for that, I am grateful. Thank you Mr Fok.”

    - Hasif (Victoria Junior College – 2015)

  • “Confused by economic concepts and equipped with poor essay writing skills, I was flustered by economics until I met Mr Fok. Mr Fok is a brilliant economics tutor who is confident, efficient and Super friendly! He has helped me strengthen my basic concepts while pointing out important links and ideas essential for that bonus mark. While teaching, he keeps lessons enjoyable with his bubbly personality and interesting stories. Thank you Mr Fok!”

    - Ling Xi (Raffles Institution – 2015)

  • “Mr Fok’s teaching has been impeccable- a good mix of clear teaching and interesting real-life examples. He is always concerned for us, not just grade-wise, but also our entire well-being, always encouraging us and giving us advice when we need them most. Despite it being his main income, he is also generous especially when students are unable to afford the expensive tuition fees. A dedicated tutor, he is willing to go the extra mile to answer our pressing doubts in the oddest of hours and email us extra notes to make sure we have all the resources that we need. His dedication to me as a tutor eventually helped me to jump by 4 grades in A levels. To me, Mr Fok is not just a tutor of Economics, but a tutor of life, as he often highlights to us: Life isn’t all about grades. Thank you Mr Fok for the past 2 years, you’ve been a real blessing.”

    - Jessica Ho (Anglo Chinese Junior College – 2015)

  • “Thank you Mr Fok for saving me big time. He puts his heart & soul not only into teaching his students & also nurturing his students to bloom and think beyond ‘A’ levels. His thoughtful nagging and endless consultations spurred me on and to not let him down. Despite only scoring a B, i believe it is a great improvement from the U i achieved for my prelims. Thank you Mr Fok for believing in me and pushing me to work harder to achieve my dreams. Thank you Anthony.”

    - Yong Zhi (St. Andrew’s Junior College – 2015)

  • “When I first started tuition with Mr Fok, I was at a loss of what Econs was all about especially on my interest for such a dry subject with so much content. However, things changed for the better after I started attending Mr Fok’s lessons which were delivered with excellent and fluent explanations that were clear enough for beginners who know nothing to be able to grasp the knowledge passed down to us. I was then able to answer questions during school. Thank you Mr Fok for making Economics so interesting for me! You are truly an outstanding teacher worthy of praise!”

    - Brendon Teo (Temasek Junior College – 2015)

  • “Hello Mr Fok! I just want to thank you for all your commitment, patience and hard work in teaching and guiding me. You’re the very first tutor who specially arranged out of class feedback sessions for my papers which I had done badly for and you were the pillar of support I clung on to while I failed and got 40th percentile for my Economics paper for Prelims. That A would not have been mine if not for your constant encouragements and thick thick piles of notes. Your dedication and concise teaching have certainly increased my proficiency in Economics. From the bottom of my heart, thank you mr Fok! You have been a great great tutor!”

    - Li Xuan (Anderson Junior College – 2015)