Score A in Economics with Best Economics Tutor Anthony Fok

Securing a distinction in the A Level Examinations is already an extremely challenging task. Let alone for a subject like Economics, which is brand new in and completely foreign in the eyes of many students. The precise skills and techniques required to ace an Economics paper takes time and effort to master, compared to simply mastering the content! In school, teachers mainly focus on ensuring students gain complete understanding of the content, which requires a great amount of effort and time as each student possesses a different learning pace and style. Furthermore, the fixed number of lectures and tutorials per week poses as a large limitation for teachers as they have a tight timeline to follow and are unable to divert off track just to help a single student. Thus, more often than not, an Economics Tutor outside of school would enter the picture. Not just to help with the mastery of content, but to teach and guide the student at a pace that is comfortable and effective for him or her.

Therefore, by joining JC Economics tuition centre, students will be guaranteed the best of both worlds. Taught by Economics Tutor Mr Anthony Fok, this experienced and highly sought after tutor has encountered every type of student possible, and can easily cater and adjust his lesson plans to suit each and every student. His highly developed skill set can break down complex Economics concepts into basic and comprehensible ones. Something that might take two lessons in school for a student to understand can be easily accomplished in one lesson. Through his handwritten notes and mind maps, econs tutor Singapore, Mr Anthony Fok makes complex chapters extremely easy to understand. The constant repetition and use of keywords will also allow students to grasp and remember the concepts, and applying it in examinations will be second nature. The real life examples and updated world news incorporated into Mr Anthony Fok’s lessons will also keep students aware about what is happening to the world and the economies of various countries. This is also extremely useful in General Paper, and students can also apply anything that they find relevant in Economics to examples in their General Paper essays.

Additionally, JC Economics tuition centre does a superb job in understanding that students in this day and age lead extremely rigorous and stressful lives. The large and open classroom setting provides a relaxing and creative atmosphere which is optimal for students to thrive and reach their maximum potential. A stark contrast from the stuffy and crammed classroom settings that students are accustomed to in schools. Students are also able to bring in drinks and food during lessons which allows them to stay focused and not drift away or lose motivation due to hunger and thirst. Moreover, the locations of JC Economics at Tampines and Bukit Timah will help many students reduce travelling time and increase convenience. The spaced out locations of various branches also results in a smaller classroom attendance every week, benefitting all as more attention can be paid to each and every student. increased and the duration of each one nearly doubles. These lessons might be difficult to conduct in large groups and will definitely not be as efficient.

By joining our Economics tuition centre, students need not worry about learning in a conducive, and there will be a definite improvement in both their grades and studying attitude as well.